Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Because mother's know best!

There are some things that only your mother knows about you. No matter how much anyone else may try, it's impossible to gain that depth of understanding that a mother has about her child.  

I have always known this to be true. A few days back my mother said something that proved it all over again.   She pointed out the fact that I have crazy will power. That once I decide something, no one can change my mind. 

My mothers favourite illustration involves my giving up thumb-sucking. I was one year old and my parents had tried nearly everything: putting spices on my finger, tying them with bandage, telling me a hundred stories. As you may imagine, they failed miserably. Then one day my father looked at me, pointed at my teeth and said "Zoya all your teeth will fall out!". I simply confirmed if he has being serious and needless to say, that was the last time I sucked my thumb. At this point of her story telling, my mother usually recounts her fear at how crazy my will power was considering I was only one. 

Just yesterday, my mother added another illustration to prove her point. This one involves my giving up non veg food. She doesn't know why I did it. Actually almost no one does. But she does know that it took all my insane will power to do it. 

So while the entire world may question my ability to finally make a decision and stick by it, my mother knows that I will. And guys, this time too, I'll prove her right.


  1. Ok if we are to take a guess for the reasons of you decising to go "green" perhaps crush on a hot looking "Jain" Chap:-) or something along those lines................because I remember being totally vegetarian for over a year or 2 during high school in Ludhiana (late 70s) as I had a major crush on some guy named "Sanjeev Jain" who was actually a friend of our neighbor's son Vinay Sehgal :-) Silly things we do and its fun to grow up and enjoy thinking about those ages and stages of life:-)

  2. YOUR mother definitely knows best... and not only things that pertain to you. The truth in that statement is more Universal. (In formal Mathematics/Logic, it is called a "tautology"... now go ahead and look that term in... what's that Search Engine thing called.... I mean... Google. No, in fact, ask your mom to look that up ;-).

    - The Obvious Anonymous.

  3. Anila aunty..I am way past that stage. Actually in all honesty, I think I skipped it all together.. I would never do something so big for a boy!

    AS- ofcourse I know what tautology is! You underestimate me!!

  4. he he ...guys ...this is "Gen Next"....actually suddenly came as a revelation...this is "Gen Now"...are we already the "Gen Past"?????:-)

  5. Na na na DB. Gen-Past? You? Who are you kidding? As for Zoya, yes: there we have a Gen-Past/Present/Future. Omniscence incarnate.

  6. Lol... Gen Past? Is that even a valid term?!?

    Also, anonymous, there are too many nameless people doing the rounds of this blog ;-) Please do introduce yourself!

  7. Addressing Zoya as Omniscence Incarnate carries no risk. So I might as well identify myself.

    Yours - ASnonymous :-)