Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Memories of you....

There is a strange sort of nostalgia that pulls me towards you again and again. Each time I say goodbye and think I have forgotten, memories come reminding. 

Shards of yesterday
A million dreams 
Scattered and nameless 

I always wonder if I made a mistake with you. And the little space of could-be leaves me annoyed and just a little unsure. 

And as always I write about it and leave it like I see it, as a lingering-passing thought. Perhaps tomorrow I will remember a little lesser. Perhaps tomorrow I will finally let go.


  1. "...perhaps tomorrow I will remember a little lesser." Wow! Remember Isabel Allende? Your writing carries a glimpse of her insights. "Little by little your absence and other losses in my life are turning into a sweet nostalgia." But then I wonder, is it “... yourself you speak of, or someone you know?” (by the way these lines are Yoda's, as he talks to Anakin in Episode III). - The other Anonymous

  2. Wow. I am honored by that comparison.

    Also... I just re-read what I wrote and even though I didn't I could have totally written it for the younger me!!!

  3. Exaggerated, but only slightly: It is Allende who should be honored; for, she was only 3 times your age when she wrote her famous lines.

    So, I should infer it is "... yourself that you speak of." Also, the reference to the younger you as 'someone you know' is an instance of world class prose. But you already know that.

  4. OMG...i really can relate to this totally....whilst i dont remember "lines" that well, i can tell you that i read somewhere that a good writer is someone who can allow the reader to see himself/herself in the writing totally..... so i dont know if it is because of the relationship that i can relate so well(or the younger me can) or is it because i have closely been through life with you(actively or passively) or is it simply because you may have the inane ability to project???
    leaves me completely confused..........deeply moved........

  5. @ a s - :)

    @ anonymous - May I know who you are?

  6. Zoya...ur slipping!! :-)....DB

  7. scatteres and nameless...:)

    maybe tomorrow you'll accept the fact that sometimes leeting go doesn't happen ;) But putting it all aside or shoving it in deep dark drawers of the mind does. :)

  8. I am an expert at pushing things into the dark corners of my mind :) but that doesn't stop me from hoping....

  9. They come, as the sun sets, like the fireflies. Memories, they burn like embers in my eyes. And as moon sets, who knows how many shall die.

  10. More about memories...