Tuesday, 16 November 2010

And the flavor changes again....

I always knew that people and places go together. But what surprised me today was how places and feelings go together as well. It's strange that I can feel completely connected to someone and then in a different place, the same someone stops affecting me at all. 

I have always been aware of my ability to connect and let go very quickly, but I never knew the power of my own will to forget and move on. 

Perhaps my defenses are so protective that with even the slightest possibility of pain, I turn around and find something to distract me. Or maybe it's just the way I am programmed, to only care in situations where I am sure. 

It is insanely powerful to be able to have such control. To love and never be lost. To give and always get in return. To forget but never be forgotten.


  1. Thank u Akanksha :)

    @ anonymous, who may you be?

  2. It is insanely powerful to be able to forget but never be forgotten - Nice. Keep that goin...