Tuesday, 23 November 2010

What's your story?

As I walked with him and he told me a little bit of himself today, it hit me that humans treat parts of their history like sacred information. If I share part of me, I expect a part of you in return. However in most situations the sharing isn't equal. There's always a listener. 

The fundamental need to connect with others makes us give up parts of ourselves. Sometimes embarrassing, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes life changing. Each time a story is told, a negotiation takes place. A silent testimony to the bond that exists between two people.

So each time I tell you my story, know that I am letting go off my fear, because I want to trust you and I want you to be the person I think you are. And each time you tell me a story, I know you are entrusting a part of your life in me and I hope I can keep it safe.

Today, go out, talk to a stranger and tell him your story. Or turn to that one friend and finally confide in him. Life's too short.. Take a chance with people, everyday. 


  1. wow! you know funnily... i read something a couple of days back which somehow hits me in the same way as your post does... "In a perfect world, you could fuck people without giving them a piece of your heart. And every glittering kiss and every touch of flesh is another shard of heart you’ll never see again."

  2. Hey Ayesha, thanks for stopping by!

    The perfect would be a little scary, don't you think? It would mean that there would be no need for any sort of human commitment or investment!!!

  3. It's well summed up Zoya. But most times, we share the stories we consider history, the stories that remain memories we can look back and smile at. You know the ones that really should be shared for that silent testimony are never really shared- the ones that are the present, the ones that are afresh, the ones without an end or a conclusion...

    Ayesh- NICE quote!

  4. I agree Riddhi... But nothing stops us from talking about those things as well.. So maybe we should talk about ourselves without covering up the mundane or in some cases painful parts

  5. wow - im just amazed again and again.
    and , im following you waise.

    you knw the BACK MARKET right? the little market , which you reach , by walking the opposite lane to the back garden ?
    yeah , ok , now imagine , that i live so close to college, that i can see the back gate from my balcony (i live in a pg by the way) -from my pg , to the market which is right behind my pg , i cannot walk alone.
    today i had to - every group of men looked like they were out to get me - and every shadow made me stop and pause for the little rund halo of a street light .

    now i have done my fair share of travelling alone , lat at night , and back to my hometown, without feeling scared - but these little trips make me crave company for some reason - the closer te distance, more the need for human contact.

    as i read ur post , all i could think was - that hey , i am the person who forver wants a listener !!!

    does that make me crazy ?
    p.s. sorry , for the long long lon comment , ur post just amde me wanna write :)

    keep writing

  6. Nope that doesn't make you crazy. We all have that need.. It's just that some of us are brave enough to express it openly.

    Thanks for sharing Devika. Also, as someone who is completely paranoid herself, I can assure you that it's much easier to let go then to deal with fears like that everyday.