Tuesday, 30 November 2010

You are my lie

He doesn't understand me
I only hope that he does

He doesn't comprehend my silence
I only believe that he does

He doesn't see me sparkle
I only crave that he does

He doesn't like me for who I am
I only need that he does

He doesn't belong with me
I only pretend that he does.


  1. are you bitten by a love bug who by accident fostered hati/anti feelings instead?

  2. I have a weird feeling that a lot of your recent posts are connected in some way. It is that one consistent thing that seems to be driving all your thoughts.

  3. Find a center of your universe within yourself. Else you will have trouble. Take it from someone who's been there done that!

  4. Woah... Way too many anonymous comments!

    So for A1: let's call it the reality bug!
    A2: not all my thoughts. But that's how it works with writing, you find a muse and then it stays constant for a while. However, I am pretty bored with this Idea now. Starting tonight you should see fresher writing :)
    A3: the center of my universe is me. I am the most selfish person I know. So I am pretty sorted!

  5. A2 here: Fresher writing cuz of the "reality bug"?

  6. A2: yes, fresher writing exactly because of that :) ... You may want to see my latest post for more details ;). Also, may I know who you are?

  7. Remember the movie "He is just not that into you"? Well, your poem would have made a MUCH BETTER script for the movie... assuming that you are describing a similar "situation". (You see... the perils of writing in too much abstraction; even when your words should be taken at face value I am left wondering if the object of your affection/infatuation/obsession might have been someone/something other than a romantic interest, like, for instance, God... as in Sufi poetry ;-). Yours - ASnonymous.

  8. AS- actually as a friend pointed out, there a thousand possibilities for who HE is. And I could have made it worse by using you instead :p! Well IMHO, it's a good thing because this time someone reads it, they can make their own association!

  9. Each time someone reads it I mean***

  10. I really like this one. Couldn't have been put better. Seriously. I DO wish I had written this ;)