Friday, 19 November 2010

Language. Cross out.
Words. Cross out.
Thoughts. Cross out.

But how do I forget
That silent 
Way I feel
Around you?


  1. This may help:

  2. he he....vignesh...."that" could temporarily cloud...not really help

    zoya...why would one want to forget anyway? nice feelings must become memories to be treasured and relived when one wants!!

    A II

  3. Vignesh & a2 - lol. Why would you interpret it so literally? The poem is about not forgetting. About wanting to find one more reason to remember. Alcohol helps when you want to forget painful things. This on the other hand is about a beautiful moment that doesnt require to be clouded!

    Also, this poem was written two years ago. I put it up here as a testimony to the fact that I still remember the person and the moment.