Saturday, 31 December 2011


[Last year, I put up a post called 2010 and this year I am going to do another one called 2011. I am tempted to make this a tradition.]

You were exhilaration. You were disappointment. You were the tip of the mountain. You were the bottom of the sea. You taught me that coffee is bad for me, that being fat can happen more than once, that friendships and love can grow stronger with time, that no axiom applies to everyone, that risks need courage, that when you can't muster that courage - life makes you, that repetition is boring, that security is only as important as you make it, that change is liberating, that one genuine sentence can change hearts, that friends will be friends, that puppies make people both happy and sad, that hysteria* is possible, that revenge really scars everyone, that time does heal, that scrabble is fun at any age, that memory has a way of selectively keeping things that matter most, that lakes are serene, that sunlight streaming from your bedroom window is more important than the size of the room, that safety is state of mind, that paranoia can be cured, that money only matters if you don't have it, that shopping isn't so much fun after all, that it can be satisfying to selflessly do something, that its possible to reach the top very quickly - even from the bottom, that things always look shinier from the outside, that propaganda* comes in many forms, that there is always another way, that the worst sometimes brings out the best, that saag never changes, that some people will always care, that its easy to let go.

2011, you were a year of self awareness and insight. You taught me that I hate being by myself, that I need ownership, change and stimulation, that I am easily bored, that once I stop - there is no going back, that I can be my shiniest self only when I feel challenged and secure (and yes, its possible to be both at the same time), that details don't make me happy, that I focus on the bigger picture, that my motivation comes from people, that I am the choices I make, that love makes me strong.

As you go by, you will always be remembered as a year of self discovery, of learning, of change. Time will tell if the choices you helped me make were for the better or worse, but you will never be slotted in my years of regret. You will always be the exemplar of risk taking, fortitude and hope.

*Hysteria -- As I walked up to the stage to meet SRK, I lost every sense of "who was watching" or "what I was doing". I am not even a big fan, but as I ran up, I lost myself in all the madness and cheer. I felt for the first time just how powerful charisma can be. 


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hatred, like it should be.

What does it mean to be truly over something?

Once in a while you go through an experience so intense that it never leaves the realms of your memory. It could be a person who traumatizes and leaves you scarred. It could be a breathtaking moment, one of those unreal, touching the line of impossible things. It could be a nightmare. It could be a taste that reminds you of something your grandmother makes. It could be a song on the radio at the exact moment that you thought of it. It could be a noise that scares you even in broad day light.

You were one such experience for me. I wish I could cut you out, erase you, burn you and bury you. I wish you could feel every little inch of hatred that extends towards you. I hope you could feel pain, in ways that you inflicted upon me. I wish you could end.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Letting go

Leaving is never easy. But it becomes almost impossible when there is systematic propaganda designed to make you belong and feel connected.
There are very few places that give you the feeling of security and comfort, of knowing, to a great extent, that which lies ahead of you. And when time draws near to part from a place like that, it certainly isn't easy.

So what is it that keeps me motivated to move on?

I have learnt that I can't work for someone and be dictated to. I have learnt that freedom of expression and ownership are most important to me. And finally, I need to let those creative juices flow, else I feel suffocated and demotivated.

When everything is designed to make me stay, self awareness makes me let go.