Tuesday, 7 February 2017


You taught me simple things.. for instance, to run fearlessly.
To charge at those bigger and stronger - always making the first move.
To always be playful, to always be free.

You showed me that love is truly unconditional.
That being in love means protecting fiercely, bravely.
That sometimes a little tummy rub and lick is all it takes.

As you waited, sometimes endlessly, for me,
you showed me how to make someone the centre of your universe,
it was in loving me, that you showed us how love was to be done.

In your loyalty, you become an inspiration, often told,
by being ours, you made us more, you made us whole.
You healed, our tiny hearts, as we grew up, together.

You were the missing piece, the little radiance,
the little sunshine, amongst all our gloom.
You made the house our home.

My strength, my friend,
my hope, my joy,
my roots, my journey,
my childhood, my adventure,
my listener, my licker,
my furry friend.