Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hatred, like it should be.

What does it mean to be truly over something?

Once in a while you go through an experience so intense that it never leaves the realms of your memory. It could be a person who traumatizes and leaves you scarred. It could be a breathtaking moment, one of those unreal, touching the line of impossible things. It could be a nightmare. It could be a taste that reminds you of something your grandmother makes. It could be a song on the radio at the exact moment that you thought of it. It could be a noise that scares you even in broad day light.

You were one such experience for me. I wish I could cut you out, erase you, burn you and bury you. I wish you could feel every little inch of hatred that extends towards you. I hope you could feel pain, in ways that you inflicted upon me. I wish you could end.


  1. You made him your everything
    And he became a part of me

    His face drains me down
    His smile runs like a venom
    in my veins
    His confidence squashes me
    like a cockroach beneath a boulder

    This poison of hatred
    is killing me - day by day.

    One wish I have, if you can fulfill
    Come alone
    when I am on the pyre
    Dont burn me more.

  2. I hope that this wasn't directed towards me directly :P

  3. Arre baaap re baap... kaafi tenson! Every so often I wish the concept of metaphor was never invented. I just realized that reading your blog is exactly when that happens :-)


  4. People who really know what is hatred, also know that it is a poison that kills them.

    Just that, sometimes you accept the poison and drink it.

    And no it wasnt directed towards you - directly or indirectly. Its just that your posts ruffle me up at times.

    Reading your post gave me an impression that it could be directed towards work or may be something lighter. I just wanted to bring out the strenght of that emotion - hatred.

  5. ah ok! Well.. it was directed towards a person actually... but I get your point :)