Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Brainless heart

Instinctive desire
Animal sanity
Human need
No rationality

Taking every risk
Making every move
And then 

Reckless desire
Left uncontrolled
Effortlessly moving 
In opposite directions

Pulled together
Ripped apart
Stupid emotions
Brainless heart


  1. Age is the antidote to the vagaries (and adventures) of the brainless heart. Try and NOT grow up too quickly.

    (The other anonymous)

  2. instintive desire.....brainless heart!!...interesting....usually its ok to follow ur intincts!!
    (anonymous II)

  3. A heartless brain will take you where you wanna go

  4. The other anonymous: any chance u go by the initials of a.s. :p

    Anonymous II: it works as long u don't make a fool of urself
    Vignesh: wait, u have another profile?

  5. The brainless heart works well. Despite the consequences, you'll never go to sleep wonderinf "What if?" :)

  6. ah... trust me, even with a brainless heart, you could still be wondering what if.... the irony is that you could make every move and still not make the one move that matters :P

  7. I made that too easy :-)

    (The other Anonymous, aka a.s.)

  8. zoya
    the assumption is that you "WILL NOT"
    make a fool of yourself or is that too much to assume???
    anonymous II

  9. I assume u go by the initials db then

  10. ruchi!!! dont tell me you did it again?

  11. @Zoya- If you haven't made the move that 'matters' to you, you haven't been reckless enough because you are still calculating, thinking, not taking that leap of faith you want to. But I know people/instances where leap of faith has happened/happens and its crazy because once you've done that, you have nothing to lose. You Do then go to sleep without any "What if?"

  12. Perhaps!

    Leap of faith is still a little far away for now!! But I'll keep you updated :p