Saturday, 5 February 2011


I hear you say,
what you can't speak.

I see you hope,
what you cant perceive.

I sense you imagine,
what you cant believe.

I feel you desire,
what you cant achieve.

But I continue to pretend,
for your self-esteem.


  1. Ever thought you might OWE him (or her...) a dose of reality check?

    - ASnonymous?

  2. Written for the self, this one?

  3. Yes riddhi :)

    AS that should also your question

  4. Some emotions don't make a lot of noise...really.

  5. Freud will have a field day on this one. He will have to create a fourth tier of self: beyond id, ego and super-ego.

    Do you remember studying anything about a Dirac-Delta function in 12th grade? If yes, I have a beautiful analogy from Physics (yes... there is no contradiction in that sentence :-) If not, it will have to wait till we have a whiteboard in front of us.

    - ASnonymous