Friday, 25 February 2011

"The attitude is killing"

*This post is mildly inspired by a friend's status message.*

Sometimes when I take a backseat in my own life, I suddenly begin to have these strange realizations. This post is just one of those.

Everyone has moments when they feel like the title of this post suggests. When it is impossible to deconstruct another person's irrational behavior. When there is no going around the crazy hot-and-cold way in which someone starts to behave. When despite all your ridiculous effort, it is impossible to get through to someone. When talking to someone starts to feel like banging your head against a wall. 

In moments like this, I usually reach a point of frustration and give up playing before the other person does. Its only fun if there is some element of consistency. Yes, change is exciting but not if it is so unpredictable that you can't tell whether you are making a fool of yourself or actually getting somewhere. So do me a favour, all those of you that enjoy the crazy mind games, STOP. 

Otherwise, like always, I am going to write you off as one more regret, and move on. 


  1. Gosh... I totally love this post. So right on the money.

    I will take one exception (ever read, Amritya's Sen's 'Argumentative Indian'? ;-). It is a bad idea to ask those who play mind games to stop. A better bet is to walk away, and if they stop on their own realization, you can always build from that point on. Why? If they stop at your prompting, there is a good chance that it is... yet another mind-game.

    - ASnonymous

  2. So true...Which is why I am writing about it and not telling the specific person ;-)

  3. he he...good one, Zoo....and i can so totally relate to this one, at this both of you just wrote....better to walk away... thats exactly what i am going to do....!! :-)

  4. ... and why exactly are YOU posting as anonymous?

    - ASnonymous?

  5. haha - so it happens to all of us.
    but easier said than done - sometimes rather all the time - there are people in our lives - who happen to be family - that the last line will happen temporarily,and then 'the attitude....' - it happens to you all over again.
    but lets remember to be present to this mind game - and yaa maybe walk away at that time - but again v difficult - you want to shake the person and put some sense into their heads.
    wont say anonymous :-)