Saturday, 5 February 2011

My kind of love

I was listening to this new song: Our Kind of Love and it got me thinking. What is my kind of love? I am not sure... Maybe a few years back I would be able to put it down in a few idealistic lines. Today I cant say with as much certainty.

Part of me still wants that crazy fairytale. That sweep-me-off-my-feet moment that lasts forever. The kind of love that runs so deep and insane that rationality can't touch it even if we tried. The type that makes you do all the cheesy things that make everyone else want to throw up. 

Yet, I have a stinking suspicion that I would be bored of the fairytale only too quickly. My kind of love would also have to be partly challenging. The type that keeps me constantly engaged with the idea of 'what if'. Perhaps it would go far enough but leave a slight doubt to keep me engaged, interested.

Honestly, over the years I have slowly given up the idea of having a "type". I am easily bored by any type after a while. Perhaps my perfect relationship cant be defined because any definition would be too restrictive. My kind of love would change with everyday, with no day like the last. The only constant with my type of love would be surprise! 


  1. Finally, something provocative enough for me to comment on :-) I will start with a sincere disclaimer: this topic is SO loaded that it really does require a dialog (= where both of us have a genuine curiousity to understand the point of view of each other). That said:

    Here is the deal. YOU are simply the FASTEST learner I know. You figure out everything, intuitively, quickly - things, ideas, people. For things and ideas, once you have figured them out, go figure out the next thing or idea. For people, once you have figured them out, you have a choice: whether to INVEST unconditionally in them. That's loving. There will still be a "type". YOUR type.

    - ASnonymous.

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  3. There are a few (very, very few) people that I invest in even after all the curiosity is over. However, for most others, boredom sets in only too quickly.

    The interesting thing is that those that I invest in are not usually similar or of one type... which is why I don't think there is a type!

  4. Two points:

    1. Based on my own experience, albeit it came VERY late in my life (in my late 30's), the true depth-building (i.e., understanding something, or someone...) could begin ONLY after the curiosity was over. Unless you consider me a very slow learner, take this into consideration (I don't mean: agree with me; I only mean park this thought away somewhere in a couple of spare synapses... it might come in handy one day). Rationale: most things in NATURE, are in fact very complex (man-made things are usually simple, unless of course it is man-made art, expecially of abstract kind). It simply takes times (in geeky terms, processing peta-cycles) to comprehend.

    2. When I said, "your type", I was refering to YOUR type (and not the tyoe OF the person you invest in). So, there IS a type - albeit a constantly evolving one, constantly learning one. In fact, that makes the predicate of YOUR TYPE even more compelling, since you do define a class by yourself.

    - ASnonymous

  5. Good point. I am going to try that next time :)

  6. Forever about to clear...
    Love with its chisel...
    only deepens the lines begun upon your face...
    ~ favorite lines that i remember from the past came to my mind while i was reading this. ;-)