Thursday, 17 February 2011

Minor Detail

"Its a major minor detail"

Everything is just the same. I got up at the same time. Wore the same old clothes. Waited for the morning cab like every other day. Reached office at almost the  same time. Worked just like yesterday or the day before last. Ate the same curd and drank the same coffee. Left for home like all days this week. Switched on my computer and started blogging as if nothing had changed.

Then I realised. Something had. Everything is in its place, but for one minor detail. 


  1. its the minor details that count in life....... major change happens once in a while and the body as a whole along with the support system prepare you for it. hence the saying - its the small things that count....

  2. Yep I guess.... but sometimes major things seem minor and vice versa :)

  3. Rule 1: "Don't sweat the small stuff."
    Rule 2: Unless someone you deeply care for is suffering, its ALL small stuff.
    Rule 3: There will be no Rule 3.


  4. theek hai - dont sweat the small stuff - but do the small stuff - it makes all the difference to the person who cares - this rule comes before rule no 1.

  5. Anonymous jee, we are violent agreement!

    - Doosra Anonymous

  6. wow. too many people without names on this post!

    @AS, understood :)

    @ A1 & A 2 - the point of the post was to move beyond the small minor detail. To forget it!

  7. wont say anonymous :-)22 February 2011 at 18:06

    a1 - is wont say anonymous :-)