Friday, 10 December 2010


A lot of people ask me who I refer to in all my posts. They want to know if "you" have a name. They want me to describe you. They want me to put you in a box and label you. They want to be able to grasp everything I feel for you. They want to be able to understand you, define you, stereotype you. They want to put a face to my words. They want to make you small, tiny and tangible. They want to make you finite and complete. 

But, what if...there is no you? What if you are stronger than their scope of comprehension and more omnipotent than their imagination? What if you exist, only as a figment in my parallel universe? What if you are colored in more shades than they have names for? What if you are too immense to capture in one single word? 

What if, you are, who YOU think you are. 


  1. There is a physics concept called "Multiverse" (a la plural of Universe). Based on what I know of you (as in, the diverse you), there can hardly be anyone who can "... be your universe." It will take a multiverse - to "flesh out" each figment of your imagination, as well as to give you a frame of reference in which to define yourself. - ASnonymous

  2. An ancient verse by Hazrat Shah Niyaz..try replacing the I with a YOU

    In love,lost to the world,I am,
    Realised as a soul I am,
    I am not,yet,I am

    The beauty of Truth;
    its magnamity,I am
    I am its grandeur
    It's splendour I am

    The purest of the pure,
    I am,with HIM,yet without HIM I am,
    The heart and vision,

    Mary's Christ,I am,
    I am, Ahmad of Hashim
    I am Ali the bravest of the brave,
    I am,yet I am not

    The keeper of the inner secrets,I am,
    I am,the reflection of my anguish,
    He who moves on his head,
    I am,yet,I am not

  3. AS: I was thinking of writing along the lines of the discussion we had last night. Maybe, soon!

    Anonymous: that's beautiful... But who are you?

  4. sorry :) the CC anonymous