Thursday, 30 December 2010

Just one day

It was a thought
that just passed me by.
It was a reason
that suddenly caught my eye.
It was a sensation
that randomly startled me.
It was a glance
that one day jostled me.
It was a hope
that triggered me.

It was honesty.
It was gravity.
It was insanity.

It was desire.
It was dreams.
It was belief.

It was lies.
It was a disguise.
It was deceit.


  1. Sounded like a passing cloud in the beginning...ended as though you mistook something for a cloud

  2. Yup, it was meant to describe something that felt like it was beautiful. But ended with me waking up to reality...!

    Btw, may I know who you are?

  3. Zoya - perception is reality. More precisely, what YOU perceive IS your reality. Invariably, when we take to something or someone (... not some idea... more on that later), or when we "fall for" someone, we essentially are drawn to OUR VERSION of the reality (as we perceive it). Over time, one or more of the following things happen: (a) MORE of the reality, broader than what you first perceived becomes apparent (b) THE reality, different from what you first perceived becomes apparent (c) A NEW reality, altered from what your first perceived, becomes apparent, because your presence altered it - very Heisenberg like. The point is to consciously recognize which one. - ASnonymous

  4. interesting... thats given me some food for thought... could it be a bit of all of the above?

  5. Absolutely.... that's why I phrased "... one or more of the following..." ASnonymous

  6. @Zoya, of course. I am just anonymous, why would I not tell you who I am?