Friday, 3 December 2010

What next?

I have always held one belief close to my heart. People can never be forgotten unless someone else comes and takes their place. It's near impossible to get over someone unless you get distracted by another human being. 

Only question is - how easy are you to distract? With my short attention span, this come quite naturally to me. I can be totally hung over someone one day and completely over them the next. 

What doesn't come naturally to me is actually staying in one monogamous space, without feeling the need to meet new people or have more refreshing experiences. 

Maybe one of these days someone is going to come along with the ability to keep my attention. Someone who can effortlessly keep me focussed and engaged. That or, I'll just simmer and settle. 


  1. hmmmmm...........i have a lot of comments i would like to make on this post but ....not as expressive as you , maybe. i am amazed at the candor though!!
    shall return to comment when i have the right words....

  2. 3. To your last sentence, "...or, I'll just simmer and settle:" I am reminded of a beautiful line from Richard Bach, "The only thing that shatters a dream is a compromise." Never compromise - not on something so fundamental.

    2. There is a doha from Kabir, "Jaise Udi Jahaaz Ko Panchhi, Phir Jahaaz par Aave". You obviously need distractions. Your DNA demands that. But you also need an anchor. The Anchor will find you.

    1. Fogetting someone when someone else comes and takes their place. NOT sure of the validity of this. In fact, almost sure of the INvalidity of this. There are so many dimensions to this issue... that it requires a face-to-face dialog (the key word being 'dialog'.

    - ASnonymous

  3. @ DB - lol :)
    @ AS - 3. Agreed. 2. Agreed again. 3. Valid point. However when I say forgetting, I dont mean erasing... I mean it more in the sense of not wanting to communicate on a daily basis. More like losing the need to have someone in your life. Perhaps forgetting was the wrong word to use!

    Also, any special reason you went 3,2,1?

  4. ... Ah. Then I can already agree on (1) as well :-). Let's save the face-to-face time for our other "pending" topics!

    3, 2, 1 was simply my way of articulating the relative importance of the three statments. One of those quirks I learnt in my consulting gigs - using whiteboards and such. Someone "who knows you best" can attest to this ;-)

    - ASnonymous