Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Metro Lights

I like sitting by my window and staring at the metro. Most people find it an inane architecture, almost a spoiler on the skyline. I find the ferry-like lights of the train cabins extremely beautiful. You know that "happy place", where everything seems alright, this is mine.

Sometimes I like standing in my balcony late at night and watching trains pass by. Or the lights of the city. Or the silence. Hearing the silence is always the most fun part. It doesn't last very long. Eventually the solitude makes me uncomfortable and I go back inside.

Why do we reject that which brings us peace and go back to the clutter that traps us? Why do we let the shackle of reality stop us from projecting, dreaming, becoming? Why does the "as-is" fetter us? Why does the sound and light and confusion allure us, and the awareness and calm and isolation elude us?

Sometimes I close my eyes and lie on the grass, even float above it. I watch the chirping birds and hear the light breeze hum slowly. I touch the droplets and feel the tranquility take over.

Then I am shaken awake by the day, by chores, by demands, by excuses. I am alive, I wither.


  1. Hey! Wonderful stuff..stay blessed

  2. “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” I was reminded of this quote from Mozart when I read your blog.

    (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - not only did he make beautiful music, he also was a man of letters. There is a beautiful collection of his quotes - in calligraphy - on the walls of Café Sacher in Vienna. And yeah.. their Sacher Torte is to die for)


  3. Hearing silence and understanding silence is blessing in disguise but at the same time it can be self destructive too . But the best expression used in this blog i can feel the depth as can picture the blog

  4. AnL... That's a beautiful quote

    Thanks Sahil.