Sunday, 29 August 2010


It was unsaid
He was gone

[Last night he was here
And things seemed alright
But happiness doesn’t last
It vanished with the night]

She cried
They cried
not together
Each to his own

[He was the man of the house
And now they felt unprotected,

She was crossing by their room
And heard a muffled cry
It broke her heart
But she only sighed

[Personal pain
Weighs far more]

Walked past the door
Walked past her child
Guilt glistened in her eyes
Nothing more to say

[Thought: he was selfish
Leaving them alone]

It breaks her heart
He just comes and goes

Just when they move on
The past knocks at their door

[it a sad painting
together yet lonesome]

Last night
He came on impulse
Took them to dinner
Leaving her at home

[She brings them up
He takes them away
The pain is hers
The pleasure all his]

She glances at her driveway
Sees him walking away
And he looks back
His tear stricken face

[Both with tears
Weeping all alone]

And it hits her
He’s gone
Once again
Leaving her alone
Alone with her pain

[The kids to feed
The household to run]

They said that one single word
Since then she’s the same
Teaching them
Feeding them
Cleaning and working

It was
And is unsaid
He comes and goes
And in the end
They are all alone
Alone with their pain.

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