Sunday, 29 August 2010

Small Mercy

A quiet peaceful woman
Rosary clutched tightly
Clad in white
Thick rimmed glasses
Toothless smile

Young minds cross her
No one stops
Shouting, questioning,
They walk away.
Small mercy: she’s deaf

She sits by the window
Looking outside
Seeing a world
That’s left her behind

She gets up happy
To be beaten and unfed
Left in the hands of selfish regret
Small mercy: she forgets.

She stares at today
But faces yesterday
Her face is hopeful
Her emotions: inept

She looks at her world
Fragrances of flowers
Beauty and smiles.
Small mercy: she’s immobile.

An enchanting woman
In a disheveled body:
Broken legs
Deaf ears
Chained in Alzheimer’s.
Small mercy: her heart is fed
Her soul is complete
Her dreams are covered
Her thoughts in-shield

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