Sunday, 29 August 2010

Unquenchable Remembrance

Wet lips quivered and said,
“I’ll forget, you’ll forget.”
Words left to resound
in their heads.

She turns
He turns
Knowing so well,
they may never meet.
A last glimpse
their love, past tense.


That was months ago.
Today again, she sits and writes,
but instead of words
memories creep inside.

The smile that was his
the magic in the kiss
the power of his hold
the songs that were told
the endless surprise
the language in his eyes

This time her poem is complete,
words unsaid,
on a tear-lined sheet.

She whispers,
hoping for him to hear,
“I said I would forget
but here I stand,
drowned in memory.
I said you would forget
but here I stand
askance, do you remember?”

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