Sunday, 29 August 2010


And then he turns to her…
“Save me”, he says.

[Is thunder enough to shake her?
Or does she need the rain?
She told him it’s all over,
Then why did he turn again??]

She looks at him,
And asks herself

[Friends don’t kill each other
Then why did she let him die?]

Tears stream down
Crying for him
Crying for her
Is there anyone to blame?

Sorrow erases sorrow
And pain soothes pain
He holds her hand in his
She firmly pulls it away.

“It’s over”, she repeats,
Loud and clear.

Can relief be enough reason??
Can love sway?

[Yes, she did love him deeply
But it faded away.]

He looks at her
And weeps

And with each drop
Her soul: hardening

This is the last goodbye.

Her joy
His grief

[What grows together…
Doesn’t always die in oneness…
It’s a sad picture
Sorrow begging, misery]

She turns
He turns

Knowing so well
They may never meet
But in their hearts
She knows
He feels
There is never a goodbye.

Every tear they cry,
Will heal.

1 comment:

  1. she told him its all over
    being 'there' caused her so much pain
    but she was one hope he held on to
    so why wouldn't he have turned again?

    sorrow erases sorrow
    again, pain soothes pain
    can he blame her? himself?....
    so why wouldn't he have turned again?

    she says it 'faded away'
    she now chooses a different lane
    and oh, she did love him deeply
    so why wouldn't he have turned again?

    'oneness' is not the outcome
    its a bond you can't put in words
    it is the harmony of the waves
    its the chirruping of the birds....

    its what makes you feel sanely insane
    so once again i ask you... why wouldn't he have turned again?