Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I watched as they slowly chipped you part by part. As each one took a little bit of you and disfigured it. As every silent need made you less of the person I remember.

I stared as every side of you changed into broken pieces, not fitting together anymore. As you become a multitude of relationships with nothing left to anchor you. As you gave up everything slowly, quickly.

I almost screamed in disbelief but before the voice could get out, I saw you smile your best smile yet.


  1. wow!! wow!!

  2. It's been a while no?

    But what a post! You've nailed my own feelings. haha no surprises there :P

  3. ya... I have been meaning to write but haven't gotten down to it.. I wrote a little bit yesterday and a little today. I think I am going to try and be a little more regular :D

    Also, no surprises :P

  4. Y. B. Yeats says: A good writing will deposit sediments of insight on your reader’s soul. They will wonder how they lived before you "explained it all" to them. They will wonder how you knew them so well.

    There is at least one follower of your blog who feels this way... I am sure of that.


  5. and that one person is....?

  6. ... not imaginary. I am sure of that.


  7. aawww !!
    toooo good, really good.
    my heart started beating fast - and then came the last line and oh what a relief !!
    wont say anonymous :-)

  8. Post something na... bahut din ho gaye


  9. Had offered every bit of me to you
    Had surrendered my dreams, wants, desires... everything
    When you asked, went against my self,
    just to be there by your side

    I warred with my self killed my feelings
    Just to be with you

    But all you saw was him, his cuteness
    Stepped on me and reached out to him

    With you gone now, I am standing
    broken, mutilated, like a lone survivor of a war
    wondering who is he, where is he, where did he come from, where does he want to go, looking around the shreds of my feelings lying dead.