Monday, 16 May 2011

Imaginary Friend

You are only a speck on my memories. Almost coincidental and meaningless. I have invested so much energy in you without any satisfaction in the past. I have devoted such a major part of my life to you. I have become a different person after longing for you.

But every need is eventually replaced or fulfilled. Now my energies are diverted to healthier passtimes. I don't spend any time mulling over what used to be yesterday. I dont even regret or wish things were different. I have accepted your indifference and made it mine. I have moved so far from where you left me that you seem almost like an imaginary friend from childhood.

One of these days I will get up and won't know if you were real or just a part of my revisionist memory. One of these days I will forget you.


  1. Priceless... simply beautiful piece of prose. "I have accepted your indifference and made it mine." As for the sentiment behind the prose, I dread commenting on it, lest you should say, "Oh.. I was just saying it for effect." Except this time, I won't believe it if you said that.

    - ASnonymous

  2. IMAGINARY????

  3. Um.. Yes, akin to imaginary

  4. Vincent van Gogh said, "Emphasize the essential, and leave the obvious vague." Your writing epitomizes it.


  5. I have read this piece several times, and I find myself spellbound each time. Truly a masterpiece.


  6. oh my god - so good - so touching - so grown up and sensible
    i dont want to spoil the effect by passing any comments
    wont say anonymous :-)