Thursday, 5 March 2015


It's the in between
In what is never said between us.
What does it take to put it out there?
To have it said, loudly.

Do you think about the same things?
Do you wonder with the same intensity?

When I am listening,
While I giggle,
While I chatter endlessly,
Do you perceive the subtle pause?

Do you hear the sudden catch in my breath?
Do you catch the sudden sparkle?

Are you simple, like your words,
Like your straightforward stories,
Like your child like reluctance,
Are you more? 

1 comment:

  1. When that person shall be the one you l have no questions left all ur answers will be in the look u l exchange... Us waqt taqdeer apni raahein khud badal leti hai aur jaise kabhi tumhe mukammal jahan nahi mila us shaqs ki ek nazar mein saara jahan simat ke tumhari hi baahoin mein mehsoos hoga