Wednesday, 23 May 2012

While I laugh

Laughter can be such a great distraction. While you are in the midst of that momentary lapse of self-control, it is almost impossible to focus on pain. Its easy to drown yourself in the noise and color and forget, if only for a moment, the harshest reality.

I am often tempted to deal with my problems by drowning them in happiness. Simply by shifting focus, I effectively deal with anything.

This is true.

But you know what's also true? There are moments of solitude amongst the clamor that force you to think, to reconsider that smile. Is ignoring a problem going to take it away? Sometimes it does. Most cases, you open those shut eyes, and the problem continues to stare at you.

So does that mean that confronting a problem, feeling the pain, experiencing the emotion and dealing with conflict is the only real solution?

I wish it was.

Unfortunately, some problems have no solution and the faster you drown them in laughter, the better.

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