Tuesday, 2 August 2011

What can be worse?

Take a needle and run it through your every vein.
Hold a pointed nail against a blackboard and hear the sound it makes.
Fill your room with no water and feel every breath slip outside.
Run the fastest you have and then watch the snake still in sight.
Remove the broken pieces of glass and sense your legs paralyzed.
Fall from that building and hit the hardest ground as you collide.
Stand still in the darkest room and feel a hand touch your back.
Imagine the worst smell, the shrekiest sound, the harshest light, the worst death.

Let go. Move on.


  1. You wrote this? Its pretty awesome

  2. A person who can't see or hear or is handicapped but is able to perceive and understand the advantages of having what is missing - I think that can be bloody worse..


  3. @A1 - yes, but who are you?

    @A2 - Wow, no yawn? :) Yes... that can be bloody worse.. Is that your biggest fear?

  4. You will never know who I am! Not even if I am the same A1... :p