Friday, 5 August 2011

The end of an era

Bubble wrap your memories
And seal them in boxes.

Then on each lonely, sad day,
Unpack one box at a time.

Watch those mistakes set against all the happiness
Those regrets against those wins.

Laugh, cry, belive and heal
Slowly losing one day to nostalgia. 

And then close the box
and store it for another gloomy day.


  1. Your writing makes me smile

  2. Even the sad, gloomy ones? :P

  3. yup even the sad gloomy ones, like this end of an era is just the first line bubble wrap the memories

  4. Bubble wrap and burst them one by one - Ultimate pleasure for any happy or gloomy day.


  5. @ Riddhi, nice to see stop by :)

    @ You, stop signing off as anonymous :P also, I absolutely love bubble wrap too.

  6. another anonymous - but i love this one!!!

  7. another anonymous again - u know der r dese times, wen i cum back to read a bit of what you have written now, is to always luk for words that describe me or my life, but u knw how to write them better.

    as in i cant explain, but i jus love the way u can explain how i feel.. though it mite be jus sumthin very different for you

  8. Simple and nice...
    Your writing is very much Indian!
    Nice looking blog.

  9. Zoya - your prose always leaves me breathless. I just wish I had a better insight into your metaphor (although I have a reasonably good sense of what inspired this post!). Just a superb piece of penmanship.


  10. @ Another anonymous - Its nice to know that you can relate to my writing at such a personal level. Please keep reading.

    @ GvSparx - thanks for stopping by :)

    @ AS - This one, I can explain when we meet next :P

  11. as usual ( and as someone here has remarked) your words always bring a smile - but i wont repack mine till i 'plop' a few bubbles -;)

  12. Zooo I love you babe.. and miss you more than you know.
    Im sure you know who ;)

  13. but now im curious. who are you? zoya please to be telling me. oof i hate these little curiosity triggers. the mantal- peace is the taken aways from mes.

  14. Those regrets against those wins
    bubble wrap them all
    some fragile....some precious
    some that have melted...against others, still rocks!
    Some to tether....some to set you free
    But still....Bubble wrap them all....

  15. Wow.. I just came back to this and realised all these anonymous comments... who are all of you! :P