Monday, 18 July 2011

Here is why

What happens when you are disappointed so many times that you become resentful? How many let downs does it take before you become untouchable? When do heartbreaks cement your walls so high that no one can even see you? At what point does love seem more like a sport, a chase than a honest and real desire?

Are we born into categories? Those that laugh when it hurts and those that break down? Those that care so deeply, they forget who they are and those that barely feel anything?

Or does life lead us into the choices we make?

What do you do when you know the space between human feelings and you is like a chasm? How do you cross the emptiness of selfishness and reach a point where you actually get attached? More importantly, do you?


  1. Only life has the power to unveil it. And life has its own speed and way of doing things.

    Yes, certain experiences leave a deep impact on us and we can barely recognise ourselves in retrospect. We close ourselves while looking for a true relation which somehow keeps eluding us.

    But I truly hope and wish that when what you seek comes along you havent cemented yourself strong.

    You have the power of expression. Take care.

  2. Thank you DMW. I sincerely hope so too :)