Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Google, I love thee.

As I sat with a bunch of the most random people at 5 am, it hit me just how my world has completely turned around in the last one year.

I don't think I'll ever forget the fear of entering a room full of people, all eyes on me, with a bag, two hours late. As scared as I was back then, I suddenly feel more grown up, less scared and much more self assured. So what is my "google moment"? (thanks for the idea s Kapur).

Its a close fight between you actually convincing me you were a terrorist, a bunch of strangers feeling like friends at the word go, never ending nights at 10d, sitting on the engineering guest house roof, cleaning houses obsessively, taboo sessions, two heartbreaks, finding out that 25 year olds can be even more fun than 21 year olds, being drunk dialed by a girl, Goa ghost story at 3 am, finding an older brother, non Googlers who knew more about google than I did, Rishikesh, Sri sailem, pondicherry, walks in office, walks to the fountain, walks for baskins, for subway, never being able to hustle or play Tt, finally winning at chess, elbow tricks, the endless walk to the cafe with my fractured foot, urban cafe, hauz khas, tc's, learning that hitler too could be idealized, marriages that were hardly marriages, being thrown up on, getting up at 11 am, getting up at 5:45, bunker beds, 202, famous icecream, marakesh, isoc, camp wild, delhi belly, three, Mla colony, falling for April fools, false proposals, real ones, yo yos ...

I expected this to be my first job, this turned out to be a life changing year filled with more fun than I have had all my life. I learnt to let go off fear, to trust people, to believe in myself. I learnt that preserverance and dedication always end in reward. I have been humbled by spirit, beauty and sheer genious. I have been inspired and enthused. Google, you have made me more than I was a year back. To you, I owe so many sweet memories, so many incredulous and touching moments, so much happiness.

One year, flown past like the blink of an eye. One year, sealed and buried in my vault of never-to-be-forgottens.

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