Monday, 20 June 2011

If You Let Me

I want to crack through your crevices. I want to understand your every little decision, put a finger on you every reaction. I want to be the reason you get up with a smile, the reason you can never sleep at night. I want to know each secret, laugh at private jokes and predict all your disappointments. I want to make you laugh so hard that you cry. I want to be the listener as you gush about your life. I want to be the talker who helps you feel better on a bad day. I want to be the last piece in your jigsaw, the last stroke in your masterpiece. I want to be your home, your safe place. I want to be the sudden sting that makes you drop everything. I want to be the butterflies in your stomach, the constant inexplicable desire, the most basic need. I want to be your favourite song under a moonlight night.
I want to be the book that you wish never ends, the movie you have watched hundreds of times. I want to be that journey you 'll never forget, that picture which always make you smile. I want to be the way you feel when you see a hurt puppy. I want to be your first love letter, your first real lie. I want to be your childhood fear, your hiding place. I want to be the your first step, your memories as you grow old. I want to be your best piece of writing, the story that will never be told.


  1. Now try writing this in past-tense...


  2. You've put down most people's most insecure thoughts so perfectly, it's shocking, comforting, teasing, hurtful and beautiful all at the same time.

    I want to be the eye-lash that you wish upon..

  3. W00t. Cheers.

  4. @ AS - past tense?

    @ RS - Thanks. I love "I want to be the eye-lash that you wish upon..'

    @ Anonymous - The "cheers" is a dead giveaway :P

  5. @Zoya, I know. Way too lazy to do a login. Which is why, the cheers doubles as a username.


  6. Yup... past tense. Fast forward the tape, apply your general knowledge about life - the way it is, dreams, reality... and re-write looking backwards. With exhilerations, disappointments... and learnings. Show yourself how well you understand Life (itself).


  7. Dead Man Walking10 August 2011 at 00:32

    But she wont.
    She wont take the right of asking 'Wot you doing' just so that I dont get that right.

    She wont call me everyday just so that my expectations die hard.

    And then she wont understand that I didnt call her on the Friendship day.

    But there's something she will do...
    She will always get back and slice me with her razor cold words. She will always ignore the burns of watching her love someone else...
    She will always plan her vacations with him and include me just to be around as a friend...

    She will always look past my dead eyes and fake smiles. And then she will always say she cares for me.

    And that because I let her....