Monday, 3 January 2011

What I won't tell

There is a silence that you'll never comprehend.
There is a veil that you'll never transcend.
There is a language that you'll never understand.
There is a history that you'll never own.
There is a puzzle that you'll never complete.
There is a hole that you'll never fill.
There is a secret that you'll never be told.

There is one reason.
And you'll never know.


  1. But the thrill you get for attaining all the answers (or atleast the very attempt) makes the so call chase even more worthwhile...

    "There is a lie, which is always untold"

    (think about it)

  2. Not always... Sometimes it really is only about the chase and not what comes after. What comes after that is mostly disappointment or boredom.

    Also, untold lies are like that for a reason. Most times they cover up too much to let go off.

  3. There is never boredom. There is knowledge. There is Experience. Then there is truth. You extend your threshold level and acknowledge your own abilities. There is so much to do, question is how much do YOU want to do??

  4. Its a matter of perspective. What might bore me may really interest you...!