Thursday, 13 January 2011

And the bag only gets heavier...

[Disclaimer: For those of you who always want to know who my post is for, this is not written for one person. It may read like a sloppy love poem, but its really not. If you want a clue, this poem is for everyone that’s meant something to me. If you know you matter to me, try finding yourself in there.]

Remember that letter I wrote you once, finally forgiving all that you had done?
Remember that day you taught me how to spell?
Remember the nights filled with gossip under torchlight?
The days you came back only because I missed you?
The day you told me the most painful secret and trusted me with it?
The days I lied to protect you?

Remember, when we first fell in love?
 The day we cried till early morning because I was leaving?
The day you told me she was a lie and you loved me.
The days you cycled for miles.

Remember, when we were bold and passionate?
The days we believed our whole lives were ahead of us.
The day we walked for endless hours only because we wanted to.
The day you told me that there would be a notch for every man above your bed.
The day we laughed till morning about things we would never tell anyone else.
The day when you gave me a little corner of your heart?

Remember when we spoke that first time?
The day we fought about everything and slowly fell in love?
The day you made me believe that I was beautiful?
The day you stopped because I needed you to?

Tell me you remember.
Tell me you always will.
Tell me there really is forever.

Tell me, before I move on and forget.


  1. zoya..have been following your posts randomly since ur mom posted the link on fb..u have a unique gift of very clear is the same for all of us..the same emotions..the same feelings..the same experience..only some of us can express them as beautifully as u do..whatever u do in life..dont give up writing!! lots of love

    p.s. i was taken aback by s.kapur-;).so heres s.kapur II

  2. Thank you for reading. I will try not to stop writing... :)

    p.s. s. kapur is a friend with a different first name!

  3. 'How come I missed so much in my life?' is the question that I am left with. There were many moments that I remember now, feel sorry, sad, happy and... There were moments that were fleeting and I was too unaware to catch it at that time... but this brings me back those moments probably because inspite of fleeting, it touched me somewhere - got embedded within me.

    But there's one moment, I hope, it is in the future... where I will be able to forgive life. And I hope that day comes soon.

  4. Well forgiveness is in fact under your control. Trust me, its much easier to forgive than carry the burden of anger and disappointment forever.

    Thanks for reading..

  5. We always have a choice. Forgiveness is more for ones ownself. But sometimes you get stuck because you dont want the person to take you for granted... mainly because he/she has already done that once and caused the pain.

    In either case, whether you forgive or not, you lose because the pain of losing the person is yours forever. Had the person cared for you he/she wouldnt have hurt you in the first place.