Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Changing, as always.

Everyday as I get up, what keeps me going? How do I stay motivated?

I guess it’s partly routine, the moment I get stuck in rhythm it becomes easy to do it the same way everyday. At least for a while, I stay focused and enjoy the easy feeling of repetition. But then slowly my short attention span takes over and I need something else to keep me charged.

As the office timings change, I suddenly feel a little lost. Not because the work I am doing has changed. Not even because I spend lesser time with people I care about, but because I have suddenly found more time for myself in the morning.

I have been programmed to believe that the first half of the day is the most productive. Earlier I had no trouble wasting my time just lying around when I got home after office because I knew that I had spent a whole day constructively. There was no room for guilt.

This has got me thinking about how simple it is to fool the human mind. My mind now thinks I have more time and I need to put it to constructive use. So perhaps, I will. And hopefully, my brain will be fooled for long enough to let me create a routine around it.  


  1. Good 1 zoya!!

  2. hmm .. n the constructive use can be of so many ways... ;)