Friday, 23 December 2016

Everyday Romance

There is calm
in dependability
There is comfort
in intensity
There is home
in intimacy

It's the in between
in what is never said between us.
It's in knowing that silence
is understanding.

Do you think about the same things?
Do you wonder with the same immensity?

When I am listening,
While I giggle,
While I chatter endlessly,
Do you hear the slight pause?

Do you notice the catch in my breath?
Do you sense the moment when I am me?

Are you simple, like your words,
like your curious stories?
Are you at ease, like the sea,
like the chirping trees?

Are you aware, of what it means,
of what it conveys?
Are you deliberate, in the impact,
in the way you move me?

There is closure
in belonging
There is security
in co-existing
There is peace
in being.

1 comment:

  1. "There is closure in belonging.." Here is an alternate perspective from Richard Bach, in Bridge Across Forever, "Meeting her wasn't the objective of my life. Meeting her was an imperative accident that allowed my Life to begin." Do you see what Richard Bach is telling Leslie Parrish? Is there a new beginning in belonging?