Sunday, 27 July 2014


The biggest trouble with having an active imagination is that reality often disappoints in comparison. 

You don't cry when the worst happens, because you have already cried imaging it so many times that by the time it happens, it doesn't feel real - it feels like reading a novel - a sort of distant, nostalgic pain. 

You don't go to new places and feel exhilarated, because in your head the mountains were greener, the water bluer, the sky clearer. 

You never meet someone who exhausts, confuses, compounds, scars, twists, controls, connects, wounds - because you can always give them the benefit of doubt, for anything. 

You never get in conflict, because you can always be the victim and evictor, within a split second. 

You never move beyond, because in your mind you can always go back and replay, deconstruct, reconstruct, and relive. 

Nothing novel, nothing surprising, nothing intense. Life is boring when you are a dreamer. 


  1. Watch Nelson Mendela's interview upon his release from prison. Or better still, watch Goodbye Bafana. It will give you a counterpoint to your thesis on dreaming.

    As for me personally, giving up on a dream is far more painful than facing the mismatch of reality from the dream

    That said, beautiful prose. All the meter ad rhythm of great poetry in it


    1. I don't think the mismatch is painful. It is only partly numbing.

  2. True that... Sort of a"phuss" when you expect a firecracker to do its thing on Diwali night


  3. By the way, if you were a Chemistry major, I woukd have never signed off as AU

  4. You may have imagined it so well to be realistic,
    Imagination was never meant to be altruistic!

    Must I remind you the picture in your head,
    Was not meant to be in a book that was read.

    You may have come close to reality in your imagination,
    Drawing picturesque scenes of liberation.

    But the rain in dreams never tickles your senses,
    Reality always draws a new picture beyond your imaginary fences.


  5. "But the rain in dreams never tickles your senses....Reality always draws a new picture beyond your imaginary fences"... Love this.

    For the record, I don't agree with the first line in this passage. I do, with the second line. But I love the composition.


  6. I am glad you liked it. Let us agree to disagree about the first line.

    Life is a just passing us by while we sit here in front of this screen,
    Waiting for things to happen, that are unseen.