Sunday, 22 December 2013

Just so you know

You know the real me? The one underneath all those layers? The real me that feels safe, secure and happy? The real me that doesn't care or wonder about your intentions? The real me that has an unconditional need to give? The real me that smiles at simple things and needs basic memories? The real me that cherishes old letters and torn photographs, that never throws away a thing? The real me who could sit by an ocean forever? The real me that loves to laugh till my stomach hurts? The real me that enjoys the sun on a cold winter morning and would be happy to laze on a bed in the lawn all day? The real me that loves to dance but only when no one is watching? The real me that can stare endlessly at the night sky? The real me that can sense and feel everything?

That real me is the me I love you from.

1 comment:

  1. You have peeled the FIRST layer to reveal a BIT of what's beneath the veneer. Peel and Reveal. Extracting yourself is important. Exposing yourself is more so. And is not all that dangerous. Try!

    If you feel dizzy from weightlessness, remember there is someone who will hold you in safety and not let you fall. Try