Sunday, 7 July 2013


When you feel death come towards you, fast, really really fast, what do you do? Do you shut down? Do you give up and wait hopelessly?

Or do you start living with a new found urgency, packing everything you can into the last few days, hours minutes? And if you do, what do you fill them with? With last minute wishes? With apologies, last words, goodbyes? With travel, with books, with movies? With new things, with old things?

If someone told you, you were going to die, would you change how you lived your life? Would you have loved more, lived more? Would you have taken more vacations, danced more? Would you write that book, with all its truth? Would you have called the people that disappeared? Would you have done something different?


  1. Do you remember Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture?" That's the best rendition I have come across - that goes to the core of your question(s).

    The answer is so specific to who "you" in your question is. Watch "My Life" with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman, and you get the picture. If the "you" is ME specifically... I'd be facing the BIGGEST CONFLICT of my life in my mind.


  2. Conflict resolved... it took one simple conversation. I know what I will do: take the mask of anonymity COMPLETELY off.

    (not completely) Anonymous-no-Longer

  3. I am not sure I understand at all

  4. And you think YOUR blogs are understandable? Look who is talking ;-)

  5. death is the only thing that is final - even at the time of birth. We cannot predict how our 'life' will turn out but how it will end is the same for all -:) if we accept this, we can enjoy every moment of our lives - knowing or not-knowing when the end will come!

  6. not so bad Zoya - just look at the obituaries a bit more carefully and have a fair idea of what mine 'should' look like! -;)