Friday, 3 May 2013

For, I forget

You remember that phone call? The simple question, the complicated answer? You remember that email? The honest confession, the complete denial? You remember that fight? The insane aggression, the innocent surprise? You remember that threat? The blatant force, the meager push-back.You remember that list? The itemized oppression, the stupid assent? You remember the pieces? The gruesome look, the fearful eyes? You remember that blackmail? The suicidal tendency, the gullible night? You remember the desertion? The empty street, the lonely find? You remember the music? The polar confusion, the naive cessation? You remember the silence? The deafening vacuum, the tragic sigh? You remember those tears? The careless laughter, the unassuming plight? You remember the blaming? The careless pin-pointing, the quiet lies? You remember the escape? The casual manipulation, the honest fright? You remember the speed? The near stop, the begging twice?

I hope you remember.

For, I forget. 


  1. “Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    And then there is the antithesis from Edgar Allen Poe, "“If you wish to forget anything, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.”


  2. Do you remember - what I remember....

    We walked together on the wet grass
    Your feet soggy with reality
    My arms flapping in dreams,
    I tried to cherish your smile
    That was growing distant it seems…

    When the grey skies parted and
    The rainbow then broke through...
    We looked at each other
    I was wrapped all in orange
    And you had shades of blue....

    We lived the same song once,
    How come the tunes we hum are so differ now...
    The leaves on our backyard tree,
    Has wilted buds that are going to wither now....

    Roof was the same overhead
    Cocoons underneath very tightly wound
    Desires were winged on clouds seamless,
    Yet memories rough and earth bound

    You can't remember - what I remember,
    As I have forgotten what you chose to remember...
    Memories are faulty, elective and patchy,
    Yet hope asks somewhere
    do you remember
    what I remember......